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How to Study Efficiently

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How to study efficiently

            The first quarter of graduate school could be very challenging not only because the class materials are harder but also because we are transitioning to a different environment with more classes, exams, and expectations. I want to share some study strategies which could help you to adapt faster and study effectively.

            Firstly, resting is very important. It does not matter how hard you want to study: in the early morning or late at night. It will help if you have some breaks in the middle of your study or whenever you feel tired. They do not have to be long breaks; 15-20 minutes break would suffice. Resting will give your brain a chance to absorb what you have studied so that you will remember the class materials better and longer.

            Secondly, drinking a lot of water and have enough food. Having sufficient energy and staying hydrated will help you focus better and avoid the headache. You can eat your favorite snacks while studying or during the breaks. I usually have protein bars, roasted nuts, or fruits when I am studying (sometimes boba). Studying is hard already, so I think we should treat ourselves something good, something we like to stay motivated.

            Thirdly, choosing different places to study. Sitting in the same place every time may make you feel bored and demotivate you to learn. Before the pandemic, I usually study in the student union, library, or a coffee shop because these places help me concentrate better. During the pandemic, I have to stay at home, but I study in different rooms and the patio to change the scenery. No matter where you choose to study, the places should be comfortable and away from any distractions.

            Lastly, one of the best studying strategies is to study in a group. The group does not need to have many people; in fact, more people may become more distracting because each person has their own opinions, and it may confuse you more. Studying with one or two more friends who have the same study styles with you would be good. For example, if you are a quiet learner and only ask when you have questions, you should find somebody with the same study style. You should not form a group with friends who like to talk while they are studying.

            Above are strategies that work for me when I study during my first year at MBKU. They may or may not work for you because we are different, but you can use them as references to build your study strategies. Please do not hesitate to email and ask me if you have any questions. I wish all of you the best of luck in your first year at MBKU.

Nghiem T. Croucier

Student Pharmacist, Class of 2023

Curriculum Committee, Student Representative

Marshall B. Ketchum University | College of Pharmacy

2575 Yorba Linda Blvd. | Fullerton, CA 92831 |

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