Registration & Records is here to serve students and the campus community by providing quality service that facilitates enrollment, retention and degree completion while maintaining accurate academic records for the University. We partner with the University in its mission to educate caring, inspired health care professionals.

Contact Information

Dr. Lauren Kim

Director of Registration and International Student Services


Lisa Cassidy

Associate Registrar


e-mail: registrar@ketchum.edu

Fax: 714-992-7878

Table of Contents

  1. Address & Name Change
  2. Diploma, Transcript & Verification
    1. Diploma:  How to order replacement diploma
    2. Transcript:  How to order an official transcript
    3. Verification:  How to request various verifications
  3. FERPA: Student Notification of Rights under FERPA
  4. Forms & Handouts
  5. Graduation: Clearance required to graduate


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