Address Update for Current Students

It is in your best interest to update your address information on the portal as soon as a change
occurs. This keeps your MBKU student record current. 

Here’s what you do: Go to the Online Forms tab of the portal - under “Student Forms” you will
see the links to the Student Address Update Form.

Once you enter information, scroll down and select “Next Page.” On the final page select “Submit
Form.” This will automatically secure your new information into your student record.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel
free to contact registration and records at .

Address Change for Alumni

MBKU Alumni can update us via email or call 714.763.7559.

Changing Your Name?

Here’s What You Need To Do:
There are a few additional things you need to do if you plan on changing your name. In order to change your name in our system, please provide legal documentation to Registration and Records as evidence of your name change along with the name change request form.
Acceptable legal documentation includes:
  • A copy of any official court document.
  • A copy of government issued ID with your NEW name on it.
  • A copy of government issued ID with your OLD name on it.
If you have any questions or would like to ask about additional/different documentation, please contact the .

Preferred Name

Marshall B. Ketchum University recognizes that students may use a first name other than their legal first name in certain instances. The University allows for use of a preferred name so long as it does not contain inappropriate or offensive language nor seek to misrepresent the identity of the individual.

A legal first name will be used where required by law or university requirements. An individual’s information will be linked to an individual’s legal first name and, if designated, preferred first name for the purposes of university records. A designated preferred first name will be used whenever possible during university life. 


Any student who uses a name other than their legal name, for any reason, may submit a Preferred Name Request Form to