In order to graduate, you must:

  • Submit the Intent to Graduate form on the Portal on the Online Forms tab / select your program on the left.  This will be made available and announced by your program.
  • Provide your legal name, height, cap size and how many diplomas you want to order. Name will be confirmed before diplomas are ordered.
  • Clear your accounts with the following departments:
    • Campus Store – loaner equipment; purchased equipment
    • Library – outstanding borrowed books/equipment
    • Financial Aid – Exit counseling; emergency loan payback
    • Student Accounts – balances owed
    • University Student Affairs – Name changes; ADA equipment returned
    • Your program – Incompletes; make up days

Graduation Applications

Applications are available on Online Forms tab.  You will see your application when it is time to submit them.

  • COP Graduation Application
  • SCCO Graduation Application
  • SPAS Graduation Application