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Whether you're part of the Optometry, PA, Pharmacy or Master's program, you're also part of the Ketchum University family.  Check out this Student Life tab for information to help you find a place to live, connect with Peer Advisors, browse campus resources for students and get a better idea of what student life looks like at MBKU.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to University Student Affairs or your Admissions Representative.


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Housing Information - MBKU-Owned Housing Wait list, Local Housing Options, General Parking & Shuttle Information

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Visit the Financial Aid tab for anything and everything related to financial aid and your MBKU student account!


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MBKU Office of Student Affairs

Marshall B. Ketchum University

University Student Affairs Office (Building D, Second Floor)

StudentAffairs@ketchum.edu  |  (714) 449-7444

Student Affairs Staff

Important Contact Information

Campus Store:  (714) 449-7434

Financial Aid:  ODFinancialAid@ketchum.edu  |  PAFinancialAid@ketchum.edu  |  PharmDFinancialAid@ketchum.edu

MBKU Library:  (714) 449-7440

Campus Safety (includes Lost & Found, Parking):  (714) 992-7892  |  CampusSafety@ketchum.edu

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For New Students - About Peer Advisors

 Peer Advisor Welcome Newsletter

Peer Advisor Blog Posts

New students should read the 2019-2020 blog posts below for great information about MBKU from current students and your Peer Advisors. Additionally, you can check out some of the 18-19 posts below.  Take a look around and feel free to post your questions or comments on their articles. 

If you'd like to receive notifications when a new post is made, click the "Peer Advisor Blog" headline and then select the "Subscribe" link at the bottom of the page.  You may then choose how you'd like to be alerted.

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Things to do & Places to See!

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Moodle Requirements

Student Disability Services

Student Achievement Center

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