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Moodle Requirements

Welcome new MBKU students! This post is to inform you of upcoming requirements of ALL new MBKU students.


Congratulations on joining the MBKU community and taking the next big step on your path to becoming a highly skilled health care professional. Whether as a PA, pharmacy, or optometry student at MBKU, you’ll find there are numerous opportunities for you to get engaged with your professional and personal development that will require you to make smart choices that ensure your health, safety and development both on and off campus. By developing these healthy decision making skills now, you will ensure that they will follow you into your professional health care career.


To this end, we have developed 4 brief video modules available through Moodle, our course management system. You have already been enrolled in the "New Student Orientation 2019" course where you will find these videos. These videos describe polices you may encounter and how to navigate them with ease. All incoming students are required to view all 4 modules and complete the accompanying quizzes with a score of 100% prior to Friday, September 6th, 2019. Quizzes may be retaken until 100% is achieved.

  1. Health & Wellness 
  2. Student Support Services
  3. Title IX at MBKU 
  4. Campus Safety & Social Responsibility


Each of the quizzes are only 10 questions. Students who successfully complete all 4 modules prior to the September 6th deadline will be entered in a raffle for coffee, tea, and sweet treat gift cards! Any eligible students will automatically be added to the raffle after September 6th – no additional action necessary.


Even after the orientation modules close, the same information will be accessible 24/7 on the Student Achievement Center Moodle site. All new MBKU students are automatically enrolled.  Again, the goal of this education is twofold:


  1. You have a sophisticated understanding of your expectations and responsibilities as a student at MBKU and;
  2. You play an active role in the shared commitment to the health, welfare, and interests not only of yourself but also of those around you.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact University Student Affairs.


Here is where you can access this Moodle course and remember to use your email address and email password to login.


Welcome to MBKU! 

-University Student Affairs

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