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Taking Advantage of Different Events that Occur Within Your Program

*Quick reminder that blogs are the opinions of Peer Advisors and not necessarily those of MBKU Administration.


Taking Advantage of Different Events that Occur Within Your Program


Hi Everyone,


Congrats on starting graduate school! It is definitely exciting being able to dive into your classes and get started on learning about your profession whether its Optometry, Physician Assistant studies, or Pharmacy.


During school, you will have a pretty packed schedule consisting of lectures, labs, studying, practicing clinical skills, tests/proficiencies. Even though you might be stressed and overwhelmed, it is definitely a great idea to take a break and attend different events that occur within your program. Each program offers different ways to get involved such as clubs, conferences, networking opportunities and several other fun events.


For SCCO, there are several clubs, professional events, conferences, and other events. When I started at SCCO, I was a bit shy and didn’t know too many people. My peer advisor told me to attend the events and to join the professional fraternity, so that I could meet my classmates and upper classmen. I was so happy that I took her advice because I was able to connect and make more friends within my program.


As the year progressed, I found myself attending several fun and informative events! I attended the Western Regional Conference, mission trips through Lions Club, House of Delegates meeting, Leg Get Lit w/COA, Omega Delta (OD) events, Private Practice Crawl, Continued Education (CE) meetings and many more! (P.S. most of these meetings have great food which is always a plus!!)


I knew that I wanted to try and attend different events, so that I can meet new people and learn more about my profession.  From all the conferences, I was able to learn about different aspects of optometry such as Residency, Vision Therapy, Pediatrics, and Sports Vision. I really enjoyed going on mission trips with Lions Club, because it allowed me to use my clinical skills on actual patients and to see some new things such as ocular pathology. At the House of Delegates meeting, I was able to learn about the legislative part of optometry and network with several optometrists that practice all throughout California. At the OD events, I was able to bond with my own classmates and the upperclassmen through different social gatherings. At CE meetings, I networked with several local optometrists, and other optometry students from WesternU. From all the doctors I networked with, I was able to shadow a few and learn about their practices which was super fun!


Overall, attending these events within your program will allow you to grow in several ways. It will allow you to meet more people at MBKU and from other schools. You will also have the opportunity to network with other healthcare professionals and build those connections that can definitely help you later on in your professional career. Lastly, it will allow you to take a study break and have fun while still learning about your profession!


Sara Noori

Optometric Intern Class of 2023

Student Ambassador

Peer Advisor

Southern California College of Optometry

Marshall B. Ketchum University

2575 Yorba Linda Blvd. | Fullerton, CA 92831-1699

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