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Top 10 Study Resources

Top 10 Study Resources Available To You

Check out the top 10 resources my classmates and I use to help study. Bookmark these sites on your computer and pass them onto your friends. Every student and program studies differently, so try each of them out to see what works best for you. 


Why I like it

Tips and Tricks


MBKU Library

  • Most required class books are available in E-book for free
  • Michelle and the other librarians are so helpful
  • Unlimited access to medical journals
  • Take the time to learn how to use the website you know everything you have available to you as a student



  • Perfect for flash card lovers
  • Can access thousands of study sets from other users
  • Creating a set of flashcards help you learn the material then pass them along to classmates for practice


Khan Academy

  • Seemingly unlimited videos covering every topic
  • Helpful when reviewing basic physiology and pathophysiology
  • Go-to site when I need a refresher on a topic that I should have learned in undergrad (like Mitosis vs Meiosis)



  • Best quality and in depth videos regarding diseases and diagnostics
  • Some videos are free on Youtube, otherwise you need a paid membership for unlimited access


Up to Date

  • Gold Standard for medical information, it has it all!
  • Peer reviewed information that is helpful in clinic
  • Use your library username and password to gain access to the site
  • Don’t forget to download the app!


Epocrates App


  • Quick and easy access to medications, drug interactions and guidelines for prescribing
  • Download this app on your phone to use while in rotations or for quick reference in clinic


Online MedEd



  • Detailed videos for each organ system which helps break down the material
  • Question bank and case examples also available
  • Paid membership required, but worth all the information and practice material


Stanford Medicine Physical Exam

  • Videos covering the ins and outs of how to do a physical exam or special test on a patient
  • Great resource to visualize a physical exam with a patient while we continue to learn remotely


PA Easy Exam Prep

  • Question bank made with PANCE level questions, broken down by each body system or module
  • *Specific for SPAS students
  • I do these questions the week of my test to prepare for my exam
  • This resource is a MUST for PA students and it is available through your library login info


Smarty Pants

  • Question bank made with PANCE level questions
  • *Specific for SPAS students


  • Additional question practice is always great, but this site requires a paid membership


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