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*Quick note that opinions expressed in Peer Advisor blogs are their own and not necessarily shared by MBKU Administration.
Whether your commute time is 10 minutes or 100 minutes, commuting to school may seem
daunting at first. However with careful planning and the perfect playlist, life as a commuter is
actually not bad at all. As a matter of fact, I’ve come to appreciate and look forward to my half
hour drives during the past year. Here are just a few tips for all my fellow commuters:
1. Sign up for parking text alerts
If you text "MBKUtextalerts" (all one word) to the number 33222, you can receive parking alerts,
specifically notifying you when the main student parking lot is full. This way, you can go straight
to the overflow parking lot instead of cycling through the main lot.
2. Overflow parking is really not that bad
When the main lot is full, there is an overflow parking lot just up State College. Lot G is located
at Joeun Church (2001 N State College Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92831). A shuttle comes by every
15 minutes to pick up students and it only takes about 5 minutes to get to campus. The lot does
close at 6:45PM every day, so be sure to get your car before the gates close! But overall,
overflow parking is not bad at all. I’ve actually gotten much closer to some of my classmates
through the small “shuttle talks” we’ve had.
3. Come (extra) early on exam and proficiency days
The main lot will fill up much quicker on test days, so plan to arrive much earlier on these days.
Even if you haven’t received an alert notifying that the lot is full, if you are estimated to arrive
about 10-15 minutes before the exam begins, chances are the lot is packed. My
recommendation would be to go straight to the overflow parking instead of wasting time cycling
through a full lot. Remember, the shuttle comes every 15 minutes so plan accordingly and do
NOT be late to your exam!
4. Choose lab times that best fit your commute schedule
Do you want to avoid heavy traffic in the morning? You may want to avoid scheduling an 8AM
lab. Or do you prefer avoiding rush hour at the end of the day? You may want to consider
studying on campus a little longer or signing up for lab practice. It really depends what your
commute looks like and when freeways get congested. In order to minimize your time on the
road, your lab preferences can make a difference.
5. Driving = De-stressing
Though commuting may sound like a lot of extra planning, it is completely doable at SCCO. As
a matter of fact, I actually look forward to my commute back home from school because it is the
perfect time to de-stress. Whether it’s listening to music, podcasts, the news, or the radio there
is no better time to catch up on your favorite playlist than on your commute to and from school.
Of course, these are all recommendations and some are solely based on my opinions. Over the
weeks, you will all find methods that work best for your personal commute. But until then, I hope
these tips help and happy safe driving!


Thank you,


Irene Hwang

Optometric Intern

Class of 2023

Southern California College of Optometry

Marshall B. Ketchum University

2575 Yorba Linda Blvd. | Fullerton, CA 92831-1699


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