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Staying in Touch with Friends and Family Throughout School

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Staying in Touch with Friends and Family Throughout School

By: Emily Nearing PAS c/o 2021

July 17th, 2020


After receiving my acceptance call from MBKU I was at a loss for words. Other than the obvious excitement that came along with getting into PA school, I was also nervous to leave behind my family in Colorado. I didn’t know anyone in SoCal and knew it would be a struggle finding a place to live. Fast forward to today, I am grateful for the friendships I have made and the life that I have built here. My biggest goal I had set for myself prior to moving was to keep in touch with family and friends throughout my 18 months in Fullerton. I caught myself asking questions like “are they going to forget about me?” or “what if I don’t have enough time to talk?” It was these questions that motivated me to come up with a game plan.


Step one: MAKE TIME!

Yes, this may seem like a simple idea, however, during the first few months of PA school I barely made time for myself or others (mistake #1). One of the best strategies I came up with was essentially “making phone call appointments” with those closest to me. I found common time frames that would work for us, put it in my calendar, and used that time as a break from studying. Now, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows at the beginning. I didn’t do this for the first few months of school. Once I did start, it completely changed my mindset and relieved a ton of stress.


Step two: Don’t be hesitant to travel!

Whether you’re from the area or out of state make sure to go see your loved ones! I realize that money is a sore subject for most students going through medical programs so setting up a travel fund is key. This is also something I didn’t plan for in the first few months of school (mistake #2). Who knows, maybe your family wouldn’t mind chipping in for gas/plane tickets! P.S. If you are reading this and COVID-19 is still going on (boo), then please take proper precautions while traveling. Masks and hand sanitizer are your friends!


Step three: Know your airports/travel hubs

If you’re like me and are completely foreign to California, you will quickly learn that going to LAX is a nightmare. If you don’t mind the craziness that is Los Angeles Airport be sure to look up parking ahead of time. If you’re not careful, you’ll be leaving a parking lot and have to owe $50 for a day of parking (mistake #3). My favorite airport to fly out of is Santa Ana (John Wayne). It is a smaller airport, shorter wait times, and super easy to get to from the Fullerton area. Personally, I would pay a little extra to fly out of there than drive to and from LAX. If you decide to drive, find out where all of your gas stations are along your route. You wouldn’t want to get stuck on Highway 15 in the middle of the dessert in 110-degree weather (mistake #4).


Okay, I may have lied about that last mistake- but it happens! At the end of the day, what is most important is that you’re taking care of yourself. For me, that was realizing that I was most happy when I was able to speak and see the people that mean the most to me. Learn from my mistakes and take time to remember what means the most to you in this world. I have attached a helpful document that lists airports, travel services and local hotels (something I definitely used).



Emily Nearing PA-S ‘21

Outreach Chair Student Society & MBKU Pre-PA club

Marshal B. Ketchum University 

2575 Yorba Linda Blvd. | Fullerton, CA 92831

P 303.917.1481




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