This page is designed to connect new MBKU students to key resources for transitioning to the University. Learn about your Peer Advisor, University New Student Orientation, Financial Aid and numerous other resources. For specific information related to your Program Orientation, visit the COP, SCCO, and SPAS pages.


If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to University Student Affairs or your Admissions Representative.


Peer Advisors - Meet the 2020-2021 Peer Advising team

New Student Check-List - Check this to do list weekly until the start of classes.

Student Government & Organizations/Clubs - MBKU Student Government, MBKU Student Organizations, Involvement Opportunities

Events & Activities - List of typical programs offered during the academic year

Housing Information - MBKU-Owned Housing Wait list, Local Housing Options, General Parking & Shuttle Information

Financial Aid - Learn more about financial aid and your MBKU student account

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs regarding MBKU and all three specific programs (SCCO, SPAS, COP), MBKU Online Book Store, Helpful Documents


University Student Affairs

Your University Student Affairs Team - (not pictured: Nicholas Novello, Director of Financial Aid)

StudentAffairs@ketchum.edu  |  (714) 449-7444

Student Affairs Staff



Other Contact Information

Campus Safety (includes Lost & Found, Parking):  (714) 992-7892  |  CampusSafety@ketchum.edu

Campus Store:  (714) 449-7434

Financial Aid:  (714) 449-7448

MBKU Library:  (714) 449-7440


Maintaining Your Social/Emotional Health in Grad School

Importance of Meal Prepping

How to Apply for an OD/MS Degree

Stay Coffeenated!


As part of University Student Affairs, Student Disability Services strives to provide accommodations, awareness, and advocacy with the goal of ensuring equal access for all students with disabilities. We individually review each student’s request and consider the functional impact of the disability and program standards in order to establish appropriate and meaningful accommodations. Disability Services is here to support your endeavors. Please reference the University Student Handbook for more information regarding Student Disability Services or contact Dr. Carmen Barnhardt via phone (714.449.7444) or e-mail (cbarnhardt@ketchum.edu or studentaffairs@ketchum.edu).

For COVID-19 related needs, please reference Guidance on Addressing Student COVID-19 Concerns about Returning to Campus.


Accommodating Students and Applicants with Disabilities

Request for Accommodations and Services

Disability Verification

Disability- Grievance & Appeal


8/14/20 - University New Student Orientation - Zoom time TBD

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